When you’re an online student, it can be easy to feel isolated since you’re not meeting with professors and other students on a daily basis. Thankfully, ASU provides many ways for online students to connect with the university and other ASU Online students through social media. The ASU Online community is here to support you through your entire student journey, keep you updated about student services and help you interact daily with ASU Online students and staff. Check out the list below for ways to stay connected!

  1. ASU Online

These pages are some of the best ways to learn about existing and new ASU Online services, events and updates (plus plenty of opportunities to earn ASU swag). Find and exchange tips about online learning, study habits, staying organized and more.

Pitch is a new communication tool designed by ASU Online students. It was created to help students connect with each other and services around the university (like Success Coaches). Download Pitch today to start building your network and have questions answered in real time by ASU staff or the new ASU Bot, Devi.

2. ASU Tutoring Centers

Explore the ASU Tutoring pages to get updates about subject tutoring, writing assistance, workshops, helpful articles and tips about how to access useful services such as free online test-prep courses for graduate school. Connect directly to set up an appointment.

3. ASU Libraries

Just like on-campus students, ASU Online students depend heavily on the ASU Libraries and utilize the services often. The ASU Libraries social media pages are great ways to check for information about events, services, competitions, resources and more!

4. ASU Career Services

Follow ASU Career Services to gain resume and interview tips, learn about upcoming events online and in your area, career help and information about services and resources at your fingertips.

ASU Online provides many outlets to connect directly with other students, staff and faculty through social media. Of course, there is always the “old fashioned” way of reaching out directly through phone and email, either way, we are here to support you!

Written by Emily Sosolik

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