At the end of each session, you will be invited to complete an Online Course Evaluation for your class(es). This is your opportunity to provide feedback to the university on the class format, assignments, instruction and organization. Completing these evaluations has a direct impact on the student experience of you, your classmates and future Sun Devils. Your participation in the evaluation is valued and is a vital part of improving our courses and programs.

While the feedback you provide will not impact your course experience, it does impact those who will take the course after you. Your participation in this process (just as those who went before you) shows your commitment to this community of learners and how those that go before can be active participants in improving the experience for those to come.

Do you want to know more about Online Course Evaluations and why they are so important? Check out these FAQs:

Q: At what point in the session/semester will Online Course Evaluations become available?

A: Evaluations are available in the last 2-3 weeks each term. Explore the Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness for exact dates.

Q: Are Online Course Evaluations anonymous?

A: Yes, the evaluations are anonymous. Instructors will only see aggregate results with no student identifiers.  

Q: Where can you find the Online Course Evaluations?

A: You can access your course evaluations via My ASU or by going to You can complete them on a computer or mobile device.

Q: How long do end of Online Course Evaluations take to complete?

A: Completion of an Online Course Evaluation should take about 5 minutes per course.

Q: Why are Online Course Evaluations important?

A: The course evaluations help ASU Online improve the student experience. Please be candid in your feedback, especially about course design and instructor facilitation. The ASU Online Instructional Design team uses the information in your anonymous responses to recommend course enhancements to our faculty.

Departments use course evaluations when they review instructors’ teaching effectiveness each year and the information can impact decisions on salary, contracts and promotions.

Q: What sort of questions can you expect in ASU Online Course Evaluations?

A: The ASU Online course evaluation questions typically appear as a section on the department's course evaluation. While each department's questions vary, the ASU Online question section always asks students to rate the course design and the instructor teaching practices.

Q: If you have strong feelings about course material or instructors, should they be shared in the Online Course Evaluation as feedback?

A: Yes! Including any specific ideas on how a course could be improved will be helpful. If you want to share your opinion on things not covered in the survey you should email the department chair or school director with your feedback.

Q: What are some real-life examples of the Online Course Evaluations making an impact?

A: When you provide feedback around course content, ASU Online reviews the course assignments and reaches out to the instructor to see if there are opportunities to enhance the course. This may be in the form of developing additional instructional materials or modifying course instructions to help make them clearer for students.

Example A:
Students provided feedback that the discussion prompts were unclear, so students struggled with knowing how to answer. The ASU Online Instructional Design team identified ways to make discussion prompts clearer and more specific to outline the criteria for success and the recommendations were shared with the faculty to improve the course discussion instructions.

Example B:

Students provided feedback that the instructor was not responsive and questions were not answered. The ASU Online Instructional Design team reviewed the course and identified areas where the course instructions could be clearer. Faculty were also invited to participate in a workshop that focuses on best practice for online course design and facilitation.

Want more information on Online Course Evaluations? Explore other FAQs.

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