Uploading an ID photo is easy, a university requirement, and will benefit your student experience. Check out the three steps to uploading your photo and top three reasons to take action now.

How to upload an ID photo

Step 1

Visit the ASU Card Services page

Step 2

Select Upload Image and choose a picture of yourself that meets the required specs. Note that ASU cannot accept any digitally altered images.

Step 3

Verify identification using a current ID (U.S. driver's license/state ID, passport/passport card, or U.S. visa); wait for photo approval.

Top 3 reasons to upload an ID photo

  • Your ID photo will help you better connect with classmates, instructors, advisors and coaches by putting a face to the name.
  • Faculty may require an ID photo to complete exams, so you will be one step ahead and can focus on acing the test!
  • Having an ID photo is a university requirement.

Online students have the opportunity to order an ASU student ID, or Sun Card, that offers benefits like discounts, access to buildings and services when/if you visit campus, makes graduation easier and shows your Sun Devil pride. Your ID photo will be used for your Sun Card.

Have questions about your account or uploading an ID photo? Contact the ASU Help Desk