Students earning degrees online should connect with their classmates to foster a sense of community both inside and outside of the classroom. Engaging in online learning communities allows students to share their ideas and knowledge with one another, regardless of where they live.

One option students have to connect with their peers is to join a student club or organization. Arizona State University offers online membership to several clubs, including the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Graphic Information Technology Club, the Video Game Development Club, and Lux Undergraduate Creative Review.

Joining or creating a social media group with other classmates, like the ASU Online Peer Network Group, is a great way to connect with others on assignments or to schedule study groups. Students may also consider meeting up with other students who live nearby.

To build relationships beyond graduation, students can join the ASU Alumni Association, which has chapters around the country and globe.

To learn more about building your campus network as an online student, click here.

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